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Para Los Niños

Our Group Meets

mon, tue, wed, thu 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

15220 6th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166


3 - 5 years old


  • Spanish

About this Group

These are play groups for children accompanied by their parents, grandparents or important people within the family nucleus. Led by a trained facilitator, children enjoy culturally and developmentally appropriate play activities alongside their loved ones. Through facilitator guidance and modeling, conversation, peer learning, and hands-on experience, parents learn strategies and activities they can do at home to support children’s optimal learning and growth. This initiative allows participants to enjoy moments of play and opportunities for exploration together, while strengthening fundamental skills within the cognitive, social-emotional, language and physical motor skills, including fine and gross motor skills. The designed activities include coordination and balance games, reading time to encourage communication and collaboration between parents and children, as well as specific activities to improve children’s creativity and artistic expression. An ideal space for families to grow and learn together!

Contact Information

Margaret Ann Gleeson

(206) 920-4855
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