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If you are seeking child care, call the Child Care Aware of Washington Family Center: 1-800-446-1114

Kaleidoscope Play and Learn®

We're here to assist you in bringing Kaleidoscope Play & Learn to your community.

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What is Kaleidoscope Play & Learn?

Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups are gathering spaces for Family, Friend, and Neighbor caregivers, parent, and young children to meet with others in their community and learn about fostering healthy child development and school readiness. Kaleidoscope Play & Learn is a place where everyone, children and adults, learn through play. Groups are led by members of the community in culturally-responsive environments.

For caregivers...

For caregivers...

KPL teaches caregivers the best ways to promote healthy child development and get them ready for success in school and beyond.
...and for kids!

...and for kids!

Children get a chance to socialize with other children from their community.

Become an Affiliate

Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups would not be possible without the community members that lead them and host them. If you’d like to start a group in your neighborhood, we’d love for you to get in touch!

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