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PD Institute

Working the Muscles of the Mind

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Description This training will introduce early learning educators to strategies to help promote children\’s thinking, build vocabulary, and provide feedback to support children’s engagement. Learning Objectives Participants will: identify 3 …

Successful Transitions with School-Aged Children

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Description This training presents recommended strategies and practices for easing different types of transitions in the school-age care environment. This includes transitions from one setting or activity to another as …

Families Thrive: Concrete Support in Times of Need

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Description Through this 2-hour session, participants will learn about concrete support in times of need and how helping systems can get in the way if people seeking services. Participants will …

Building an Anti-Racist Workplace

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Description This session focuses on creating and sustaining an anti-racist workplace by diving deep into racial equity and anti-biases topics that can better inform our anti racist practices. Topics range …

EHS: Coping with Ambiguous Loss and Displacement

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Description Through this 2-hour session participants will learn about the impacts refugee and immigrant children and families experience and will learn strategies for supporting communities experiencing displacement and ambiguous loss. …

Families Thrive: Cognitive and Social-Emotional Competence

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Description Through this 2-hour session, participants will review cognitive and social-emotional competence and learn about the impact these competencies have on children and adolescents. Participants will explore strategies for supporting …