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Congratulations to the Goddard School of Bellevue on achieving a quality rating of 5/5!

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By Janine Meyers, Early Learning Services Director

Please join us in celebrating The Goddard School of Bellevue as the first program in our region in the Revised Early Achievers Quality Recognition System to achieve a Quality Recognition Score of 5!

BrightSpark’s Early Learning Coach Cheryl Madsen has successfully partnered with The Goddard School of Bellevue for the past 7 years to create a high quality, early learning program. Together, they have put in a great deal of work to create a program that has safe and appropriate learning environments based on what’s best for children. This included spendoing many hours working in classrooms and with teacher feedback sessions around behavior management and guidance, following the children’s lead, teacher interactions, age-appropriate expectations, and curriculum choices.

The team has worked hard to create and implement these and other outstanding practices. Cheryl also partnered with them at their teacher in-service days to facilitate group learning experiences around trauma and how that affects the brain and behavior, supporting challenging behaviors and other valuable topics.

This is an amazing accomplishment in the King and Pierce County region, and we are thrilled to celebrate the Goddard School of Bellevue, the owners Olivia and Kamal and Director of Education Carmen along with Coach Cheryl for reaching this milestone!