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2024 Advocacy Session: Here we go!

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The 2024 Legislative Session is scheduled to begin next Monday, January 8! We will be sending you a bi-weekly update that will keep you informed and engaged as the BrightSpark Advocacy Team navigates the flurry of bills and budget proposals over the next few months. We have just 60 days to encourage more of an investment in the early learning system while continuing to lay the groundwork for big picture efforts for how our system can fully fund high-quality child care in Washington state – and we’ll need your help to make that happen!

As we navigate the legislative session, it is extremely imporant for you to share your experiences in early learning with lawmakers. Here are a few tips for you as we get started:

  1. You don’t have to be a legislative expert to engage. Your on-the-ground experience in early learning spaces with our youngest learning is your expertise. Don’t let the complexity of the process, the jargon, or the terminology put you off. Your expertise and experience is what legislators want to hear. Be you!
  2. Stay engaged with your legislators and the BrightSpark team. Things happen fast during session, and we only have 60 days to make a difference. In order to make the best impact, it’s important to stay connected with your legislators and BrightSpark’s Advocacy Team to share your perspective, especially when we send an action alert.
  3. If you don’t know, ask! If something that we are communicating or sharing seems confusing or challenging, please reach out to us. Our team is happy to help you access and navigate the legislative process in any way we can.

Ready to join us?

Advocacy is for everyone, and we are stronger together! That means we want YOU to join us. Whether you’re interested in joining an advocacy pod, joining us at the capitol, or both, here are some ways to get started.

What To Expect During Session

Bi-Weekly Newsletter Updates: Similar to the content you’re reading now, you can expect a newsletter update from us every other Friday during the legislative session. Our intent behind these updates is to keep you engaged, inform you of our advocacy work, and make the legislative process transparent and fun.

Action Items: As stated above, the legislature moves extremely fast, and sometimes it is important to communicate perspectives with little turnaround time. When issues like these arise, we’ll issue “action alerts” that are simple in nature. They will let you know what bill or issue we’re working on and how you can get involved. No pressure if you can’t act right away, but we’re stronger together and always want to present the opportunity to do so.

Staff Guidance & Information: BrightSpark’s Advocacy team is comprised of policy and mobilization professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of the legislative process, and we are happy to help you navigate it. Contact us at for assistance.

Meet the Advocacy Team!

We are here to provide you with the tools, opportunities, and experience so that you have everything you need to get involved in the legislative process. Your voice matters, and we want to help amplify your message!

  • Donny Willeto (she/her) joined BrightSpark in 2020 and serves as the External Affairs Officer overseeing Advocacy, Public Policy, Marketing, Communications, and Fund Development. Donny is excited to lead this team of amazing and driven advocates and mobilizers. Community centered work is Donny’s passion so being able to connect our early learning communities to decision makers aligns well with her 15 years of nonprofit experience.

  • Logan Endres (he/him) joined BrightSpark in 2023 and serves as the Director of Advocacy & Policy. Logan is a communicator and advocate with over nine years working in education and government systems. The 2024 session will be his first with the early learning sector. Logan believes in the power of civic engagement and works to support legislative outcomes that ensure equity and justice.

  • Jaymie McLaughlin (she/her) joined BrightSpark in 2019 and serves as the Mobilization Coordinator. Jaymie is looking forward to building on the continued momentum within early learning advocacy by drawing on the strengths of King and Pierce counties. Building relationships and connecting constituents to their elected officials is key to making us stronger together. Deconstructing the mystery of advocacy and building confidence in advocates is what she is most passionate about.


Our 2024 Legislative Agenda

This legislative session, lawmakers are going to make many important decisions that will impact our state’s early learning system. These are the three issues that our advocacy team will be focusing on to make our early learning opportunities more equitable and accessible for all.

1. Increase investments in early learning mental health consultations (through programs such as Holding Hope).

2. Make more families eligible for state child care assistance programs (such as the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program and Working Connections Child Care Program).

3. Increase funding for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, so that more eligible children can be served and more resources are available to providers.

Learn more!

Engagement Toolkit

Getting involved with advocacy can feel a bit overwhelming – that’s why we are here to help! Check out these resources to learn a little bit more about how to advocate for the issues you and your community care about: