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If you are seeking child care, call the Child Care Aware of Washington Family Center: 1-800-446-1114
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2023 in Review: Our Impact Through Advocacy

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As we continue to share with you all the work we’ve accomplished in 2023, BrightSpark wants to shine a light on the advocacy efforts and wins in the last legislative session and beyond. Aside from major policy wins for children, families, and providers, we also facilitated advocacy pods for 24 legislative districts with a combined total of 234 community members. 

We are so proud of the work we did last year to advance equitable early learning policies. Please help us continue this work to uplift the children and families in our communities. Every dollar donated helps us to provide resources directly to families, and our goal is to provide even more support for families next year. Together we can #DoMorein2024! 

Our Advocacy Team is gearing up for the 2024 Legislative Session! 

Energized by last year’s wins, we are preparing to make an even bigger impact on early learning policy during this upcoming session. Here, our advocacy team shares their goals for next year!

In 2024, our top legislative priorities are to expand family qualifications for subsidy programs such as the Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) and Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP); increase funding for more early learning mental health consultants; and to fully fund ECEAP so that every eligible child can receive care.

These goals won’t be easy to achieve, but with your help, we can take more steps toward building an equitable early learning system for all! 

Last year’s wins

During the 2023 Legislative Session, we were able to make huge strides towards better early learning policy! We helped with:

• Expanding mental health consultation services

• Increasing bonuses for early learning providers offering non-standard hours to families

• Eliminating background check fees for providers

• Removing immigration status from the Working Connections Child Care program’s eligibility consideration

• Expanding the homelessness grace period from six to twelve months

Want to learn more about our Subsidy Programs, as well as the other services and resources BrightSpark offers? Check out our 2022-23 Community Impact Report!

The work outlined in this report was made possible by the supporters who have donated money, time, and resources to BrightSpark, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Help us continue to provide, improve, and expand our programs by giving a gift today so that we can #DoMoreIn2024.

Did you know? There’s more than one way to donate! 

When it comes to making a gift, you’ve got options! Donate via credit or debit card, check or money order, stocks and bonds, mutual and donor-advised funds, or in-person at our Renton office. If you have any questions or if you would like more information on ways to give, please reach out to our Development Director, Katie Halterman, at

We are so grateful to all of our donors and community partners. We hope you will join us in supporting our youngest community members!