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It’s BrightSpark Gratitude Week!

As an organization, we’ve had quite a busy year! With a new name, logo, and mission, we started the year out embracing change and prioritizing innovaton to best serve the early learning communities we support – and we can’t wait to carry that energy into next year and beyond.

As we gear up for what we know will be a busy end to 2023, we at BrightSpark want to take a moment to reflect on all of the things that we are grateful for – our staff, our community, our achievements, and our challenges.

Watch this video to hear from some of our Executive Team members are most thankful for this year, or read what they had to say below!

What Our Executive Staff is Grateful For….

“One thing that I’m incredibly grateful for was our wonderful Annual Event in October of 2023, primarily because of all of the children, families, providers, staff, community partners, and donors that came together to create an incredibly joyous event.” -Phoebe Sade, Executive Officer

“I am thankful for all the community supporters that have come out to support our organization and our impactful programming, from Advocacy to our Homeless Child Care Program. So thank you so much for investing in us, we really do appreciate it!” -Donny Willeto, External Affairs Officer

“I’m really just excited about the people I get to work with every day, and we’ve been able to hire some exceptional people lately and I just really love that!” -Matt Gerard, Human Resources Officer

“I am so grateful for 2024 that’s approaching us, and so grateful that Operation Integration – the integration of our new financial system – will be completed in the second quarter of next year.” -Kathryn Flores, Administrative Officer

Tuesday, November 28 is Giving Tuesday! Your donation will allow us to continue advancing our mission to nurture and sustain child-centered, antiracist early learning communities. Last year was our most impactful yet, but your gift today will help us #DoEvenMoreIn2024! 

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