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Veteran with child

Seattle voters approved Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy until 2029

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The results are in! Voters within the city of Seattle approved the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) during the August primary election. This ballot initiative was approved by almost 70% of voters. 

This levy will invest an estimated $564 million over six years in support and resources for veterans and seniors living in the city of Seattle. Among the services that this levy has supported is the King County Veteran Student Child Care Subsidy, a joint effort between BrightSpark Early Learning Services and the King County Department of Community and Human Services. 

“Approving this measure is an incredible help for those who have been connected to the Veterans Student Child Care Subsidy by BrightSpark, among all others who have been supported by this levy,” said BrightSpark Executive Officer Phoebe Sade. “Voters’ action on this levy is a testament to the amazing things we can accomplish through collective democratic action.”

Over the 2021-22 fiscal year, the Veteran Student Child Care Subsidy provided roughly $7 million in subsidies to help King County veteran students find and afford child care as they went back to school.

“This program allows student parents to continue their education and increase their earning potential and ability to provide for their family while having the peace of mind of knowing that their children are being cared for,” said Maggie Heard, Family Navigation Lead and subsidy expert at BrightSpark. “This is particularly exciting for families that have used unlicensed care provided by families, friends, or neighbors, as the VSCCS Program is one of the few child care financial assistance programs that allows parents to select FFN caregivers.”

“Without safe and reliable child care, many parents would not be able to continue their education. Passage of the VSHSL is an exciting step towards continuing to support King County families and children.” 

Learn more about the VSHSL here.