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How We Arrived at the name “BrightSpark”

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Though our name change might feel sudden, our evolution from Child Care Resources to BrightSpark Early Learning Services did not happen overnight! Like everything we do, we consulted with our staff, board, and community members and were intentional about selecting a new name that reflected the work we do and the people we serve.

There were four distinct steps we took when choosing a new name and refreshing our look and feel: 

  • After realizing that our old name, Child Care Resources, no longer represented the breadth of work that we did, we connected with Poche Design Studio. Poche is a Los Angeles-based firm run by two dynamic designers, who helped us during each step of the process to find a new name and create a new visual identity. 
  • First, we formed a committee of staff, board, and community members to oversee the name change process. They met regularly and helped steer BrightSpark leadership and Poche in the right direction, both for the name and the new look and feel that would go along with it.
  • Next, we partnered with Poche to hold several community “town hall” events in which staff, board, and community members could share their thoughts on what we stood for. From there, Poche helped us identify BrightSpark’s collective personality traits.

    If the entire organization was a person, they would identify as androgynous, extroverted, and nurturing; like to dance, bring people together, and advocate for change; and have role models that include Mr. Rogers and the Black Panther Party.
  • Ultimately, after coming up with a list of almost 300 possible names, the committee narrowed our options down to around a dozen finalists. These were shared with our legal consultants to make sure they weren’t already being used. In the end, one name was a stand-out winner: BrightSpark!