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Positive Guidance: Promoting Positive Behavior in School Age Children

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As a school age staff member, you will encounter challenging behaviors from school age children. It is important that you understand the typical behaviors you might encounter and how to respond positively. This training will introduce you to behaviors that are typical of children at different stages. It will also help you understand approaches to guidance for children in school-age environments.

Learning Objectives

After a brief brainstorm about guidance, participants will listen to a small lecture and identify what guidance is. After looking at a school age development handout, participants will identify typical behaviors seen in school age children and identify ways to appropriately respond. After viewing a short video on boundaries, participants will discuss what boundaries they have put in place within their program and explain boundaries and expectations and why they are important tools in promoting positive behavior. After a small lecture, participants will be introduced to three guidance techniques and identify ways in which they can implement these strategies within their programs.

Competency Level(s): Level 2-3