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Implementacion de la ducacion para el Desarrollo sustentable en la Educacion Temprana Parte 1 de 2 (Debe asistir a ambas sesiones para obtener crédito.)

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(Implementing Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood Education)


In an increasingly industrialized society, in which the philosophy of the economy of time and use and disposal prevails above all else, it is essential that we stop to think about the environment that surrounds us and try to take care of it with much more consideration. . However, care must be done individually, with small steps from each one of us, and we will be contributing significantly to the preservation of our planet. In the task of caring for and preserving the environment, young children are essential.

Participants will learn about providing sensitive, responsive interactions according to each child’s temperament

  • Care routines: Participants will reflect on providing intentional and individualized diapering, feeding and nap times for infants in their care
  • Transitions and Playtime: Participants will reflect on providing meaningful, child-led transitions and playtime
  • Cultural sensitive partnerships: Participants will reflect on creating culturally sensitive partnerships with families
  • Bias and Expulsion: Participants will learn about implicit bias and preschool expulsion

Competency Level(s): Level 1-5